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LEOVIT Nutrio Innovative Company was established in 1999, and even then it was among the leaders in the production of functional products. Due to much research and hard work, the Company entered the 21st century with a brand new, unique in its kind, series of enriched vitaminized products: kissels, soups, side dishes, tea and excellent coffee for dietary nutrition.

Our experts

Pilat Tatiana

Doctor of Medical Sciences

“Nowadays, healthy lifestyle is a critical need. Yes, the topic has become fashionable. However, I believe this fashion has arisen merely due to the fact that we all began to realize: improvement of the quality of life, youth preservation, disease prevention - all this is in our own hands”.

Svetlana Tikhomirova

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Endocrinologist

“We must always pay attention to what is on the plate. Good health depends on what we eat. The main thing is to obtain information about healthy nutrition from specialists and not to trust doubtful sources.”